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Solar Hotel Da Nang

Star Rating
Address: 66 Thanh Chuong St - Thanh Hoa City
Tel & Fax: 0373.583.040
Price single room 500.000 vnđ | Price double room 700000 vnđ

Vong Canh Hotel in the heart of Thanh Hoa city, close to the entertainment guarantee you will have nice holidays.

Vong Canh Hotel Systems is one of the largest system of Thanh Hoa, with 5 branches have been put into operation.

Vong Canh Hotel guarantees number of rooms to suites with Thanh Hoa any given time during the year. The branch of Vong Canh Hotel is situated on the busiest shopping places, visitors can easily move to the center of the city. We are happy to welcome you to the Thanh Hoa.

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