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Da Lan Restaurant

Address: 36 Nguyen Trai St - Thanh Hoa City
Tel & Fax: 0373.947.393

The restaurant opened on 28.08.2014, accommodating over 1,000 guests with three separate areas, outside the floor, there are two private rooms equipped with air conditioning, and 1 conference room that accommodates more than 150 people were air conditioning systems fitted perfectly. There are also more destinations Karaoke, with 2 ultra wide room serves entertainment after eating.

We are also well-known restaurant Thanh country with over 28 dishes from deer (sautéed, stir-fried, roasting, steaming herbs …), fish (fried salt level, fried, braised cucumber, fish soup, fish fried …), Don (fried rolls, pudding, stuffed prunes, steamed onions …). With items rivers, forest furniture, bronzes characteristic identity, sure to make you satisfied.
With ultra-wide space, larger 3000m2, consisting of dining, entertainment, would be the choice could not be better for the event.

The difference of Mountain Street restaurant barbecue dish so shy deer at the table, after cooking with bold flavors, aromatic, very tasty.

And, just from 120.000- VND200,000 / 1 capacity, guests were able to freely select delicacies for your trip real bonus.

Also restaurants are processing many tempting dishes available locally as the pork, eels, snails, frogs, fresh vegetables of all kinds … Beverages include wine, beer, soft drinks, alcohol drug (Morinda, apple cat …).
In addition to purely catering services, restaurants receive workshops – meetings and parties in restaurants, mobile party.

The motto of the restaurant is always creates satisfaction, comfort and relaxation to the customers, thus constantly renew the style of service and quality of food to meet increasing demand Customer. Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey

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